About Me


Why Choose me!

Chandresh Patel - The Indian Yogi started his journey as The Indian Yogi in 2010 when he was in Mumbai. For 2 years he learned Yoga from different people. In 2012 he had asthma due to heavy pollution and cough. He cured his asthma with the help of Yoga.

After that he started helping other people using his gift and knowledge of Yoga. He cured so many people's diseases by Yoga.

Around 2014 he acquired a certificate in the science of yoga from Baba Ambedkar university.

In 2016 he started Yoga Workshops all over country. In which he has taught over 3500 people in these 2 years. He had workshops in Goa, Gir Forest, Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc.

Chandresh Patel - The Indian Yogi Specializes in back bending techniques and hip opening.

Recently Chandresh Patel - The Indian Yogi passed blackbelt exam. Now He is a blackbelt holder dan 1 from Kukkiwon South Koria